2020 Spring Clean-Up

The 2020 Spring Clean-up tentatively planned for May 9, 2020.

Westmoreland Cleanways is in the process of moving the recycle center, so we do not have a confirmed date for the Arona Borough Cleanup but we expect it to occur on May 9, 2020. When this date is confirmed, it will be posted in the Arona Post Office. Please make your yards and home more welcoming for you, your neighbors and visitors. Please remove yard debris, trash, garbage, tires, rims and junk cars etc.

* Please move yard debris, trash, garbage to the curb for the Monday, May 6 pickup.
* Please call or text 724-552-6739 if you have questions regarding recycling or to arrange the following:
* Clean-up assistance for the elderly or disabled.
* Inform us what you items you are planning to recycle.
* Recycled items include: electronics including TV’s computers, printers, monitors, key boards, tires (on and off rim), and scrap metal.
* Towing cars and/or trucks off your property is available at no cost to you. If you can provide a title you may be paid up to $350 per vehicle.

Toxic liquids such as paints and building materials such as drywall, windows, doors, wood, stone, brick, cannot be recycled and will not be accepted.