Family Treasure Hunt – Veterans War Memorial

Arona Borough Council is planning to have special mementos engraved on the back of the new Veterans/War Memorial. These mementos could be a letter, telegram, e-mail, any special memento sent to or from a veteran while serving our great nation. All precious documents received by council will be reviewed and considered for the memorial and the original document will be returned immediately to you. Please contact Joe Ruffing at 412-403-7310 to discuss your precious mementoes.

The new monument has been order and is expected to be delivered and installed in in July. The dedication of the new memorial is planned for Labor Day (September 7, 2020) followed by an Arona family picnic at the borough pavilion and ball field.

In the near future, the bronze Armed Services medallions and the bronze eagle will be removed from the existing memorial so that they can be cleaned and restored for use on the new memorial.